About Bronte's Florals

Flowers evoke in me the same feelings of wonder, captivated attention, and giddiness as do things like traveling and falling in love.

I’ve worked in public gardens, a flower farm, landscaping, and many other plant-related jobs. My favorite being, of course, wedding flowers.

I’m grateful to the florists I worked for through the years who are so much a part of my design today. From some, I learned to be quick, mass-produce arrangements, get everything set up in time, and be invisible. From others, I learned to take time with details, to treat flowers as an art form, and to be personal even if it means staying later to help groomsmen put boutonnieres on correctly.

Flowers are my passion, and I’m so excited to create something beautiful for you. If you’re ready to talk details and go for it, let's meet! If you’re just shopping around or have a quick question, please feel free to contact me still. I’m happy to help in any way.

If you click this button below, you can send me a quick message, or fill out a longer form to get a head start on talking details.