Claire and Alan

Claire's priority for her wedding at Arbor Manor was to have big floral moments that would stand out in pictures. She gave full design freedom over to us florists with the guidance that she wanted the staircase to be wild and growing and natural-looking. We created these romantic, garden-style florals up the stairs with smilax, lilies (her favorite flower), and other light pink and burgundy flowers in her color palette. They got married under the gazebo with three floral swags on the top and sides for a more symmetrical floral backdrop. Her burgundy bridesmaids' dresses gave a nice pop of color as well as the bouquets for herself and girlfriends. Her bouquet is a medium-small in size to be sure not to hide her dress as she works in a bridal shop and the details on her dress needed to be shown off! Bridesmaids' bouquets are also the medium-small size to match. If you're looking for another burgundy wedding, check out Alex and Alex or Megan and Chris.