Other Arrangements

Other Flower Arrangements

There is no end to the places you can have flowers at your wedding to show your personality and decorate the venue.

Here are some flower arrangements you might want to consider for your big day:

  • Aisle Flowers: whether it's small floral swags tied onto chairs or ground arrangements in the back or all down the aisle, these make for beautiful photos of the ceremony and your guests.

  • Welcome table or sign: many people will have their 'toss bouquet' double as a welcome table arrangement, but a regular welcome table arrangement or a floral swag on the welcome sign or even on lanterns leading up to the door can start impressing your guests right as they arrive.

  • Buffet Table or Bar Arrangement: these greatly add to the feeling of luxury to have a big statement piece while guests order their drink or grab their food.

  • Place Settings: you can have herbs or a small flower bundle on the menu of each guest.

  • Personality piece: this can be used to describe a pop of flowers on anything unique to your wedding. In the Arab culture, they have the sofre aghd table with flowers on it, if you're decorating with antlers or bikes or any other trinkets, you can spice up anything with flowers.

  • Petal toss: for the first kiss or send-off, tossing petals makes for great photos and a fun experience for guests. Plus it is more environmentally friendly than throwing rice and is a great alternative to sparkler sendoffs that have become very common. Best for daytime send-offs and ceremonies.