Flower Crowns & Accessories

Bridal Flower Crowns and Hair Flowers

You can have flowers in other places besides just the bouquet and boutonniere. Many brides have their florist make them a custom hairpiece to put in their updo or ask for loose flowers to pin in their hair.

You can even have a flower crown, whether it's big and bulky, small and delicate, or somewhere in between.

Flower crowns, also known as flower halos, are often given to flower girls and sometimes bridesmaids, although they are generally a more simple flower halo than would be made for a bride.

Another option Bronte's Florals has done as a corsage alternative is floral earrings. That way you don't have anything slipping around your wrist or pinned onto your shirt while you socialize, but can look glam and unique with your fresh floral earrings.