Corsages are a great way to honor mothers and grandmothers and can also be provided for sisters, bridesmaids, and nieces as a way to show who is in your inner circle.

There are several options for corsages, but they fall into two main categories: pin on, and wrist corsages.

Pin-on corsages are typically worn on the left side and can be fastened via corsage pins or can have a magnetic backing if you request that from your florist in order to not poke holes in your dress or shirt. These are worn like boutonnieres but are generally bigger and may include ribbons.

Wrist corsages can have various bases. They can be as simple as a ribbon tie on, or as luxurious as a gold cuff bracelet. Some in between are slap bracelets or pearl bracelets, or other corsage bracelets typically used for school dance corsages.

Because there are so many ways to construct a corsage, your florist may have one style they are most comfortable with. Ask them what styles of corsages they offer and if you have something you're particular to, if they would be willing to offer that style.

Traditionally, mothers will wear wrist corsages and grandmothers will wear pin-on corsages, however, it's best to ask the individuals which they prefer so they can be comfortable with what they're wearing.

You can also offer corsage alternatives such as hairpieces or floral earrings.